Because two heads are better than one.

Once upon a time, I had a pretty good thing going with my blog. I posted often, almost daily at times. And I spent a lot of time on that thing. I affectionately referred to myself as Crazy Aunt Katy, a nickname bestowed upon me when I was single and had my friends convinced I would probably end up living alone with tons of cats, possibly teaching high school English, and arousing curiosity over just what was in that coffee mug.

Thankfully, I am allergic to cats. And the coffee mug just holds coffee. And I managed to somehow convince a real, live MAN to marry me and help ensure I will not end up alone in a house that smells like cat pee. It’s been a busy couple of years, to say the least. And it’s been right at a year since I last wrote a blog post. Because, well, I dunno. The blog got to be secondary to what Brandon and I were doing in real life. All that getting married business.

So, this is the official kick off into blog foray number…uh…three. And this time, I’m excited because it’s going to be a joint effort. Brandon will be blogging, too. And we may have some guest bloggers from time to time, people who we think are really smart and who we hope will create some conversation around any number of topics.

And the theme will be a little different. It won’t be such a woman blog, for one thing, since aforementioned real, live MAN will be blogging, too. And we have this sort of summarizing theme guiding us in all we write: choosing the good portion. It’s a reference to Luke 10:42, which is our verse. It’s the one inscribed on the inside of each of our wedding rings, the one we always say reminds us how to live well, suffer well, seek well, and love well. It’s from the story in which Jesus is visiting the home of Mary, Martha and Lazurus. Mary plants herself at Jesus’ feet, hanging on his every word, while Martha bustles about cooking and hostessing. And Martha finally gets so irritated that Mary is JUST SITTING THERE at the feet of the Lord, and she says, “Jesus, why can’t you make my sister help me? I’m totally stressed out here, what with all the Not Sitting, and I just need some help!?” And then Jesus looks at her and says, “Martha, Martha.” (And you know it’s a big deal because even in the Bible, it says her name twice, TWICE, as if she had some major calming down to do. And you kind of wonder if maybe Jesus said something more along the lines of, “Seriously, woman, be quiet!”) And then he says this: “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

So, that’s kind of our theme for life. And thus for our blog. Things to be discussed here include but are not limited to: the church, politics, faith, family, economics, liberty, scholarship and other intelligent food for thought. And the point is that in all our seeking and learning and trying, we’re searching for that Good Portion. Hope you like it.