And yet, we still have a choice

Last night, we met for our weekly Bible study. We’re going through Philippians right now. I love this book because it is just so encouraging. Paul spends the entire letter urging the church at Philippi further toward holiness. It is the ultimate call for the perseverance of the saints, both the church and Paul himself. And Philippians was a mature church. These folks weren’t babies in the faith. They were mature believers seeking to grow and encourage others in the pursuit of their faith.

We talked in our home group meeting last night about what it means to be anxious and what things actually bring anxiety into our lives. I said something about how I always experience anxiety over things that ultimately are frivolous. I think I was thinking about things like money, security, everyday life type stuff. Our friend Shelley got truthful with us. She said she has lately been stressed about the new health care bill but that she realized how frivolous it was in the grand scheme of things.

It reminded me of how amused I was by a few friends of friends who took on the attitude that Obama’s election or the passage of the health care bill meant that ultimate ruin and destruction for the nation. I remember telling my dad, look, Obama getting elected didn’t surprise God. And I told Brandon last week that, regardless of how we feel about the legislation, we know God puts authority over us for a reason.

So wouldn’t it be funny if he set the authority of this health care legislation over us because we aren’t taking care of the poor?

Sorry. I know that’s such a random idea it probably doesn’t fly, but I guess I’m just realizing again that nothing happens by accident and that none of us by worrying about anything can add a single hour to our lives.