Unaccompanied minor prayers

The strangest thing happened to me on Saturday, and when you read it, you will think I’m crazy and also dumb. On Saturday, our friends held a garage sale to raise money for their adoption of two little girls from Ethiopia. I had told the wife that I would come over to help. Around 9 a.m., she sent a text message to our group asking that we all pray for business. Things were pretty slow.

I am really terrible at the job of praying. So much so that when I do it and the Lord responds in the way I hope, I am surprised he heard me and I figure someone else much more prayerful than I was praying as well. When a  prayer of mine is answered in the way that I wanted, I usually think someone else’s prayers vouched for mine when they got to the throne.

Anyway, on Saturday, I decided to pray before I left to go to Kat’s house to help with the sale. I sat at the dining table and quietly mentioned to God that we believe this adoption is in his plan and that he will provide all the resources necessary to complete his work. Then Brandon and I left to go to the garage sale.

We arrived on our bikes and pulled them into the backyard. A herd of people was there pawing through bins of clothes and tchotchkes. Kat quietly told us that moments before, a huge rush had come along and they were suddenly slammed. The rush continued all morning, and Brandon was able to help communicate with the Spanish-speaking families.

It seemed business was steady but not overwhelming. It wasn’t until later that I found out the sale made more than $1,300. I was glad for our friends, but I didn’t think much of it. Later, I stopped and realized I prayed for these people. And despite my unbelief, God listened. It probably helped that others were praying, too. Still, I wish I weren’t so shocked when God moves so clearly.

Does anyone else feel that way, too?