Hello World, kinda?

Don’t be confused – this isn’t my first blog post on this blog – this is my first blog post ever.  I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about right now, at all.  However, seeing as I’ve been waiting for something interesting for somewhere around five years, I’ve come to three conclusions.  Either 1) my life and thoughts are more interesting than I realize; 2) I’m the most boring human who ever lived; or 3a) nobody will ever read the blog anyway so who cares 3b) the blog will be read but what is interesting is not my circumstances but me.

I tend to think, or at least hope, that reality is a combination of options 1, 3a, and 3b.  The facts are I’m pretty happy with my life’s “excitement factor,” my wife and mother will probably be the only two persons to ever read this, and if I actually am boring I’d rather be a real boring person than a fake exciting person.

So this is me.  I love Jesus (in a different way than the rest), economics, music, art, culture, furniture building…and my newest interest triathlons!

The Mrs. and I began training for our first triathlon last weekend – 1000 yd. swim, 11 mi. bike, 2 mi. run.  Not gonna lie, we were pretty impressed with ourselves!  More on this later.

For now I must get back to studying.  Oh ya, forgot to mention – I’m a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas…ahhhhh UTD woooosh!  I finished my M.S. in International Political Economy in May on my way to a PhD in Public Policy and Political Economy.  So…back to that for now!